Suzzanne Carlson


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1) Maroa

2) Hollywood

3) Decatur

4) Okeechobee

5) Spunky Pre-Teen

6) Freshman Year

7) Sophomore Year

8) Junior Year

9) Senior Year

10) After School

11) Failure to Insanity

12) Half Way Down

13) Darkest of Times

14 Was this a light?

15) Where Are YOU?

16) The Road Back!

17) New Adventures

18) Comfort Zone!

19) Goin' Truckin'!

20) Life after Wealth!

21) Til Death do us Part!


Follow me on the journey that is my life.

I am nobody special, or famous, and just like you, my life has lead me down many roads, and around many corners.
I have never done anything noble, or interesting for that matter. I have learned much on this journey, and it has been interesting to me.

I was born in 1958 in Decatur, Illinois. I am the youngest of 6 children. Janie turned 13 just after I was born. Linda only lived for 24 hours, she would have turned 11 on her next birthday. Bill (Sonnie) was 9 when I was born. Vicki turned 6 on her next birthday. Debbie would turn 4 on her next birthday.

I used to sit and look at the picture Mother had of Linda in the very back of an album. I didn't understand at all what was meant by "dead". I used to talk to Linda, and I felt connected to her somehow.

Like most people, I have very little memories of childhood, but there are a few things that have always stuck with me, even through the years. I guess like anyone, these are some of the things that add to what made me who I am today. Things that contributed to my love of certain things, and my dislike of others. They say we gain most of our personality traits by the time we are 5 years old. In reflection, I can see some of that.

My first memory was around 2 years of age being in my Mothers arms, wrapped in a blanket and waiting to board a train. I don't remember the train ride, I just remember her holding me, and the train beside us. I did learn later that we were joining my Father in Pennsylvania where he was stationed in the Army. I think we lived there for about a year.

While we were in Pennsylvania, I remember one morning, there was snow on the ground, and I was going outside with Mom. We got out on the little landing porch and I looked down the stairs and the bottom step looked funny. I ask Mom what was wrong with that, and she told me a porcupine had chewed it up. What was a porcupine? Where was it now? being just over 2, I had lots of questions. Reflecting back now, I don't know if I actually looked over by the tree line and saw it, or if I have created that memory. I guess that taught me to be curious about animals.

I suspect it was cold the entire time we were there, in Pennsylvania, because all I remember then was that it was cold. One of us was sick, can't remember who, but a doctor came to the house and gave us all shots. I don't remember getting a shot, I don't remember being afraid of a shot, I just know he was there to give us all shots.

I do not remember leaving there, or riding a train again, or even where we went immediately after.

Just know, I am just me,
I am a Child of God,
and I am telling my story.

So follow me to my first real memories in Maroa, Illinois!

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